Is 5G Dangerous for our Health and Environment? Check the facts!

Possible Health Hazards of 5G

As the world braces for the launch of the 5G services this year a number of people have raised a concern about the possible implications of the constant use of low-frequency electromagnetic field devices in the person all around the house.

What is the truth? Is 5G dangerous for health and the Environment?

 Actually, the truth is not exactly known. The research that was conducted in the past years never had the facility to use 5G waves. What was used were 2G and 3G waves which were obviously detrimental when exposed to the long term.

In research conducted on animals by the National Toxicology Program in the United States National Institute of Health, it was found that there was a definite link between exposure to radiofrequency radiation and the occurrence of cancer. It also found that constant exposure to radiation led to the breakage of brain cell DNA.

Why 5G cell towers are more harmful?

There is no doubt that the digital era that 5G can bring about will be unparalleled. It will power the IoT devices which promise to change our way of living by taking us decades ahead. It will mean we can enjoy tremendous speed in internet and telecommunication services will be much more convenient than what it already is.

But the fact is that for 5G services to be effective numerous small cell antennas are to be placed all around. The cumulative radiation from all these antennas would mean the exposure to radiation would be increased by 1000 times on a daily basis. This will result in serious health hazards to human and animal life. We are yet to determine the effects on plant life as well.

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5G vs 4G Effects on Human Body

The 5G millimeter wave is believed to cause heating in the skin, eyes and testes. This could lead to an increased risk of infertility, eye damage and skin cancers. This, of course, is with reference to the human population. But what will happen to the environment? There is a good possibility of a loss of vegetation and a shift in the ecological balance due to the heightened threat to birds and smaller animals.

We cannot rule out the possibility of a genetic mutation which can lead to the birth of many children with congenital defects.

In a paper entitled “5G wireless telecommunications expansion: Public health and environmental implications“, Dr. Cindy Russell mentioned that Radio Frequency has been shown to affect the DNA integrity and cellular membranes and cause cell damage, it also affects gene expression, protein synthesis and neuronal function which can cause deficits in cognitive capacities.

Further Dr. Russell also says that constant exposure to RF EMR can adversely affect the blood-brain barrier and melatonin production, it can lead to sperm damage and loss of immunity or immune dysfunction.

Dr. Russell is one among many scientists who have expressed their concern over the possible health hazards that can be brought about by the introduction of this next-generation 5G wireless telecommunications.

‘FCC on 5G Cells:Over 1000 Antennas in a GreyBox’ | Environmental Health Trust

The 4G wireless service is well within the allowed radiation level but is still believed to cause much more damage than what was determined by the study of exposure to 2G and 3G radiation.

Controlled use of 4G devices can substantially reduce health risks. But contrary to this for the implementation of 5G services the numerous cell antennas that would be installed would constantly blast the human and animal bodies with radiation increasing the health risks by 1000-fold.

There is some possibility that the bird population in a region can be impacted by exposure to EMR but there is no concrete evidence or research conducted to corroborate such claims.

But needless to say that constant exposure to Low-frequency EMRs like what would happen in 5G covered areas will impact the cellular structure in the birds as well which may lead to mutation and higher risks of death.

The other side of the story

Many government agencies and websites have approved the introduction of 5G services. Although it might not be operational until 2020 many cities have been selected as test areas where 5G services will be introduced and tested.

Radiation safety authorities have assured that all the hype about the increased health risks is completely unfounded. The RF EMR are low-frequency waves. Heath risks due to the exposure to these low-frequency radiations are very minimal.

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5G vs 4G Speed Difference, What makes 5G faster than 4G?

 When 4G wireless service was introduced it was 10 times better and faster than 3G and 5G is believed to be about 1000 times faster than 4G. The main difference between 5G and 4G waves lies in the fact that the 5G has a 5mm wavelength which would mean a lower frequency when compared to 4G which has a 4mm wavelength. This means that 5G waves would travel much faster than 4G.

This would definitely mean faster and better communications and of course, better IOT services. This could revolutionize the way we live. It could create a new industry niche with the possibility of great profits.

It can open new economic avenues for a lot of companies and countries to stand to profit in a large way. There is no denying that there could be a whole lot of perks in having a 5G service.

The Investigate Europe conducted an investigation into the matter and spoke to many scientists with regard to the risks involved in the introduction of the 5th Generation waves. An animated video was published with excerpts from the interview which tell an entirely different story.

The authorities that decide the safe and unsafe limits are not involved in the research work but they tend to take advice from an advisory board which may or may not include a radiation expert.

There is a strong disagreement with the effects of 5G radiation mainly because there is a total lack of studies in the field.

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This technology is new and with anything new comes a lot of apprehensions. Most of what is being presented as risks are possibilities. They are not definite. It is based on the research that was conducted with regard to exposure to 2G and 3G waves.

The studies conducted were on laboratory animals which were exposed to the low RF EMR for about 2 hours over a period of 2 years. Can these studies be taken as the point of reference?

Many agree and many disagree. But of course, there is an industry-backed group who do not agree with the possibilities of risks. World Health Organization’s EMF group and the Cancer Unit IARC have acknowledged the potential for health and environmental risks.

But Europe is on its way to dominating the telecommunications world by introducing the 5th Generation services very soon.


There are certain countries that have limits on the level of radiation and their safe levels are much lower than 5G which means there is a good possibility that these countries will not introduce 5G any time soon. But there is an ongoing international effort to loosen those rules so that 5G services can be introduced on a worldwide level seamlessly.

Over 240 scientists and doctors from 42 nations have written to the United Nations to take urgent action in order to reduce wireless exposure and especially citing concern over the rollout of 5G due to the serious risks to the environment and human health.

Having 5G services would be great but having 5G dangerous services would be really bad, there is a potential risk to human health and the environment, particularly to children, the aged, the disabled and the infirm.

Even if there are two groups of scientists that support it and the other that don’t we cannot really sit and wait to see if it really impacts us in the negative way that so many researchers have said it would.

Can we really let our children be prone to the risks of cancer? There is of course a big “IF” here. But plunging into it with this much uncertainty is definitely a big No!


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