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Verizon urges Robotics Innovators to Buckle Up as 5G is Here

4G penetration has doubled the number of people who uses Internet across the globe, it is about time we see 5G turning the whole Globe into a Digital Network.

5G is almost here and it is time for people to start preparing for the change. While common people are excited about the upcoming technology, the developers and web masters are under great pressure to come up with applications and products that helps people make the most of the latest technology.

In a concluding note at Robotics Summit & Expo, Verizon has urged the Robotics developers and innovators to buckle up as 5G is almost here.

Verizon being a reputed enterprise in the Internet domain was very vocal in its opinion about 5G and how it will change the world. By addressing Robotics Developers and Innovators directly, Verizon has shifted the focus from 5G Tech to its applications. Now people are Googling about the Robotics Products that will go handy with the 5th Generation of Telecom Tech.

The speakers at the event, urged to make the best use of reduced latency, increased reliability and data throughput capacity of 5G tech. Ness, who is a manager at Verizon voiced his opinion and called Robotics Innovators the light bearers of tomorrow.

He called out every robotics developer to take the responsibility in their hands and change the world for better.

The speaker focused mainly on the features of tech and by urging developers to take initiative he informed the world “that we are now ready for big technological advancements”.

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Calling out developers from such a big stage has its own benefits. Now the developers from the remotest corners of the world are sure about their career.

Now every robotics innovator wants to be a part of the upcoming change, now everyone wants to work harder and be the change bearer.

The robotics industry will an unprecedented rise in patents and tech breakthroughs.

What started in 1980s as the first generation of telecom, where cellular phones were everything has now reached to a point where everything is going to be a part of the network.

The peer to peer network technology, 5G and other premium techs are ushering us in an Era of connectivity and reliability.

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