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Helium’s heavily funded [$51 Million] LongFi Aims to Change the Way People Access Internet

Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) are the two hottest terms in the contemporary tech business. Helium has successfully created a viral product by mixing Blockchain and Internet of Things and now Helium’s LongFi is the talk of the tinsel town. Everyone from a common Internet user to a pro-blogger cannot get over it. LongFi promises to provide 200X the range of a common WIFI at the 1/1000th price.

In a blogpost, Techcrunch mentioned that these LongFi can help people locate their dogs with the help of IoT collars and now people cannot hold their breaths. Ever since the announcement of the product, it has trended on Twitter, has made it to the top of search results and have found space on every Tech Blog.

Helium’s LongFi has also raised 51 Million USD in funding and it is just the beginning. The product is promising, it is being built on a tech that is considered hot space and it is solving a problem. The product, LongFi has every unique selling point investors look for hence the impressive funding of 51 Million Dollars is no shocker.

Khosla Ventures, Union Square Venture, Marc Benioff and Multicoin Capital are some of the common and active investors of Helium. Helium promises to share a token of cryptocurrency with every purchase of LongFi, which can be redeemed later.

Helium’s LongFi is now available for purchase only in cities like Texas and Austin. 40-50 such hotspots are enough to cover the entire city. The company plans to launch the product nationally during the 4th quarter while the global launch will take some time.

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Bike theft, lost dogs and wildfire like cases can cease to occur with smart implementation of this LongFi.

What makes LongFi so special and worthy?

LongFi is growing popular because of the specs it possesses and these specs are the products of impressive technology behind the screen. The Peer to Peer network developed by Helium’s LongFi will use low power and low transmission chips.

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Effective implementation of LongFi will benefit in the following way:

  • Speed like never before: One single router covering 200X the are covered by the contemporary router? That’s just insane and hard to believe but it is the truth. LongFi will turn the cellular routers obsolete.
  • A secure society: With a blanket of network built through Peer to Peer connection between the varied LongFi routers, we are looking forward to happy and secure society.

The product is priced at 495$ [Buy Here], which is bit costly but 200X range is something that will compel people to come together and acquire one of these. Also, a lot of distributors will be looking forward to have a few of these installed to improve overall performance.

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According to Helium, 80% of the product is pre-booked in cities like Texas and Austin. The world cannot wait to try LongFi not only because of the increased speed but also for the new doors of opportunities it is going to open. New innovations, concerns and respites are going to follow. Blockchain and Internet of Things were developed to make human lives easier and LongFi is doing exactly the same.


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