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Introduction to Innovation: Blue Link Connectivity Technology & Its Functionality | Hyundai Venue 2019 Launched with BlueLink

Blue Link Connectivity Technology | All you want to know.

What do you relate Luxury & Comfort with, if we say that we are talking about the generation our parents lived in? We are sure it includes a good house, own car, servants, good salary, etc. However, in the past few decades, we have crossed that luxury line.

The way back then luxury is a necessity now, with the hours we spent at our workplaces, distance, rush in the public transport, time shortage, and other related points. Now when we touch upon this point we certainly spare a good amount of time in research for the features that this necessity based new family member should have.

These factors include Price range, features, on-road performance, safety aspects, looks/appearance, colour, resale value, type- hatchback, sedan, SUV, etc. The list goes exhaustive if we are an aware customer who is abreast of the current trends and wishes to make every penny worth it.

The idea of articulating all this is related to one of the most important aspects which is “Features”, where today we will be discussing Blue Link Connectivity Technology in length.

We all know when we say the word “Feature” the automotive industry never ceases to surprise us with some jazzy concepts viz. Hybrid, ABS system, GPS navigation system, Skid Control System, Remote keyless entry, and so on. The motive to pen down all this is not to underestimate your knowledge rather make you accustomed to the fact that this revolutionary industry is always ongoing with its up gradations and new technology announcements.

The competition is so stiff that with each passing day and not even a week, the brands keep a keen eye of how their model/variant baby siblings can keep up the pace and still come up with something out of the box. One of these innovative technologies introduced recently had been presented by the major market automotive player “Hyundai” which refers to as “Blue Link Connectivity Technology, which has already gained much hype & bookings by now.

No, we aren’t wishing to leave you baffled and would clearly explain what is “Blue Link Connectivity Technology” all about. Here, specifically, we are highlighting the Hyundai Venue which is adorned with this technology.

The MD & CEO at Hyundai Motor India, Mr Seon Seob Kim had made a statement on the Hyundai Global Blue Link Connectivity wherein he emphasized that this technology solution is meant for customers for making them equipped with the smartest connected SUV in the present times.

He also added that this connected car technology is said to be founded on an interactive and intuitive platform in order to create a connect between people and their families, workplace, the society with endless possibilities.

In this, the primary owner of the vehicle can connect many other family members/friends in order to send emergency notifications in case of any sort of torment. Its uniqueness is on the go connectivity with a one-stop solution to various indispensable daily usable functionalities.

Along with this endeavor, Hyundai is putting in resources to train a team of over 615 Blue Link Wizards thereby leading to training over 10,000+ sales consultants across Hyundai dealership and service touch points. The company will also install the Blue Link Simulation app throughout the expanse of its dealerships to serve its customers with a connected in-car experience.

What is Blue Link Connectivity Technology ? | All Features Explained

Blue Link Connectivity Technology is a package of connectivity solution which permits the smartphone to stay connected with your car. This means that you give remote access to a few car features. Not just this but along with the capability of having remote access, this technology ensures to proffer the following:-

1) Safety (SOS):

  • a) Auto Crash Notification.
  • b) Road Side Assistance.
  • c) Panic Notification.

2) Security :

  • a) Stolen Vehicle Tracking.
  • b) Stolen Vehicle Notification.
  • c) Stolen Vehicle Immobilization.

3) Location Based Services :

  • a) Push Map to the car from App.
  • b) Push Maps by Call Center.
  • c) Live POI Search.
  • d) Live Traffic Information.
  • e) Share The Destination.
  • f) Live Car Tracking.
  • g) Destination Set in Link with Schedule.
  • h) Location Sharing.

4) Generating Alerts :

  • a) Geo-fence Alert.
  • b) Speed Alert.
  • c) Time Fencing Alert.
  • d) Valet Alert.
  • e) Idle Alert.

5) Artificial Intelligence :

It is based on a cloud-based Voice Recognition system in Indian English language.

AI has not just brought us comfort through saving our time from long queues by showing us how we look in a particular attire when we shop dress attire at a shop, entertain kids through its presence on the back seat car windows to keep them glued at one place without feeling bored.

All of these examples had been penned down here to show that we have surpassed the human imagination level and taken a leap with some marvelous AI-based applications which has sorted out our lives in more than one way. Similarly, talking in this perspective AI has been created under this technology to surround the passenger with an Interactive Voice Recognition interface based on the respective language we relate to.  

6) Remote Access:

This feature encompasses some interesting aspects that include the following :

a) Remote Climate Control: This feature is especially comforting when you had parked your vehicle for a considerable time in the sunny weather and the moment you enter inside it you feel as if the car has baked and it is difficult to even sit on the seats that had absorbed heat all this while. In this scenario, before sitting in the car you can remote access it a few minutes before and switch on the climate control feature to set the desired temperature.

b) Remote Door Lock or Unlock: Did you just shop till you dropped and came back home with those heavy shopping bags, now occupied a relaxing space. Oh no! you forgot to lock your car and now feeling lazy to go outside with this exhausted self? Don’t worry with this feature you can lock your car right from your relaxing zone through simply accessing the application linked with this amazing technology.

c) Share my car (App Sharing).

d) Remote Horn & Light Control.

e) Find my car location: There are times when we are in a rush, and at this moment we park the car and may forget when we revisit that place that where did we park the car actually.

This becomes all the more struggle some if we parked it at a space already brimming with a lot more cars and it becomes as good as a maze. Calm down and don’t panic as this feature helps you find your traveling buddy if you are within a range of one-mile radius of your Hyundai Blue Link. It shows you exactly where you parked and this backs you in dropping a pin even trouble free for the next time.

f) Remote Vehicle status check.

g) Remote Engine Start/Stop.

7) Vehicle Relationship Management :

Getting oneself pampered through technology has been mostly connected with robots whom we had always been viewing in our childhood on various entertainment platforms and at that very point, our dream was to own one! Well not giving you a false tall claim here but revealing this feature which works pretty much like a Robot who takes care of our well being with our every action attached with driving and health.

It is considered that it is the most practical, concrete and convenient technology that will pave its way in making the customer’s life easy.

The key highlights of this feature incorporate the following :

a) Monthly Health Report: Like the family doctor keeps a track of our health through regular checkups. This feature makes sure to take care of our vehicle’s health through the generation of health report on a monthly basis.

In order to keep things going, you can run through a full vehicle diagnostic check directly from your Hyundai’s touchscreen. If it discovers an issue, you can schedule service by one touch Service Link button on the rear-view mirror, and the details get sent automatically to the dealer you prefer. There is also a provision of getting monthly reports via email along with regular reminders when the maintenance is due.

b) Auto DTC check.

c) Manual DTC check.

d) Driving Behavior and its related information.

e) Maintenance Alert.

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Salient Points of mention:-

a) It has a Vehicle Charging Dashboard.

b) It acts the bodyguard for your car by its Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature.

c) Where you are at a remote/alienated location or at a location which is as good as a no man road you can simply seek this feature’s assistance for calling out for help. The Blue Link will send your car’s exact location to a roadside assistant member.

d) Service Link schedules the car servicing without calling from the phone.

e) Panic Notification has the ability to set up automatic email or text message notification to alert oneself or family/friends whenever this button is triggered.

f) Automatic Collision Notification and Assistance is the most crucial and worthy feature that tops the remaining features. As whenever you land into an accident this feature will automatically call in for help especially when the airbags have been deployed.

One can also push the SOS emergency button for round the clock i.e. 24*7 hour and all through the year service. With this, you can stay assured that even if any of your loved ones are traveling and god forbid goes through such a situation, you can always know about their whereabouts/can feel a bit more satisfied when you know that someone will surely save their precious life.

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Some Pertinent points of mention :-

1) Hyundai India has made this announcement of having the Blue Link connected solution for its future Hyundai models.

2) This technology has made its debut in India, Hyundai India’s subcompact SUV i.e. the Hyundai Venue Model 2019.

3) Interestingly this technology comes as a bouquet of 33 features out of which 10 of them are meant for India exclusively.

Blue Link Connectivity :-

This technology’s connectivity functions by putting Bluetooth Technology/USB cable into usage. So, in order to operate one needs to have the Hyundai Blue Link mobile application installed in his/her cellphone. The Hyundai Blue Link can be upgraded wirelessly wherein we are referring to the in-vehicle applications up-gradation. This technology works on all almost all the handsets which possess either the Android or iOS operating system having an internet data plan.

Blue Link Technology Works on the following Devices:-

1) Blue Link for iPhone.

2) Blue Link for Apple Watch.

3) Amazon Alexa.

4) Google Assistant.

5) Android smartphones.

6) Smartwatches powered with Wear Operating System by Google.

( All other Blue Link Compatible devices are Listed Here )

Hurdles :-

Network Connectivity Issue. However, there is upside to it as well that if the Blue Link is not able to connect itself with the 4G network/stronger network then it will automatically switch to the 3G/2G Network, whichever next will be most accessible to it.

We are sure that this information must have left you in the dreamland of watching James Bond movies and the high-end cars he possessed loaded with astounding gadgets/features.

Back then visualizing this scenario in mind a few years back, you would have needed someone to jolt you or pinch you to make you land in the real world. However, with this ahead of its time technology has made us feel that the what is showcased in the movies does come true in reality down the line. So one cannot underestimate the power and endeavors of the technology makers working consistently to make our lives look surreal yet so comforting and luxurious.

On a serious note while passing through the phase of luxury to comfort/need-based aspect of our lives it is imperative to not overlook safety/security features when considering to purchase a vehicle that will be a long term decision moving with you on a daily basis.

Considering this, Hyundai Venue Compact SUV is by far the most exclusive model to have a powerhouse of such exemplary features which are very practical and a savior at all times and a certainly a baby step towards customer’s 360-degree satisfaction.


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