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Sennheiser Disrupts the Audio Segment with Wireless Gaming Headset

The global tech giant, Sennheiser launched its first wireless gaming headset and has disrupted a stable market. While the contemporaries are contemplating the effect, it will have on their sales, the common man is rejoicing in happiness. When a reputed enterprise like Sennheiser steps in a segment, it is bound to stir it open or change it forever. Sennheiser looks forward to impacting the audio industry for better and leverage its loyal customer base with more and more options.

The Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset was launched at an event in Taipei. The product is all set to hit the market in July. The newly launched GSP 670 headset has innumerable features that will compel every gaming fanatic to bet his or her money on it. One can rely on this amazing product for taking their gaming experience to the next level.

What makes Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset the talk of the town?

Coming from the house of Sennheiser, the wireless headset has its own set of privileges. Additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and gesture handling are making it the hot topic on the web.

Some of the unique features a GSP 670 Wireless Headset consists of are:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Like all wireless headset, this GSP 670 will also function on Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Noise Cancellation in Microphone: This is a game changing feature, only a handful of earphones come with noise cancellation microphone and if you look for the same in headsets, there are hardly few. One can mute the calls by raising the Boom Arm, which is some serious innovation.
  • Two volume wheels in the headset: GSP 670 Wireless is enabled with two volume wheels in the headset, one of which can be used for controlling chat volume while the other can be used for controlling the volume of the games. Designed for pro gamers, this headset promises to cater on all fronts.
  • 7-minute charge for 2 hours of backup: Beating the contemporaries where it hurts the most, Sennheiser’s wireless gaming headset can be charged for as less as 7 minutes to last as long as 2 hours of continuous gaming. A fully charge GSP 670 wireless headset will last 20 hours.
  • Compatible with USBs: The new wireless headset comes with USB that is compatible with both computers as well as Sony PlayStation 4.

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Sennheiser is looking forward to make a dent in the audio segment and with GSP 670 wireless headset it has got everything right. The netizens are already in awe of this product and cannot wait for its release.

The product releases on 1st July and can be ordered from Official Website of Sennheiser. In upcoming months, the company aims to make this product available across the world.

The product is premium (Check latest price on Amazon), which is a bit on the high side but is a very small price to pay for pro-gamer who are looking forward to an incomparable gaming experience.

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