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The Best 23 Google Home Compatible Smart Devices List [2021]

Google Home Compatible Devices List Guide

Have you imagined yourself dead tired after a hectic day and you almost wished that there could be someone who could perform all the chores which you have to do. Or there comes a time when you have questions in your mind and it could be answered rightly with all the logic.

Well seeking this into perspective it won’t be denied from your end if you would have imagined a Robot doing all this as shown in movies.

However, what if we tell you that this surreal experience can turn into reality? We must have sure bowled you over! Well without any further ado lets introduce you to “Google Home“, which is a smart home speaker that works in conjunction with Google Assistant.

It works like a second brain of your phone which can be operated even when your phone is inactive. This enables your family members to have access to the Google Home compatible devices even when you are not around. It shows its functional traits much alike like Amazon Echo in combination with Amazon Alexa.

This device flaunts its persona depicting a small vase-like structure that looks like a decorative prop wherever it adorns itself in a designated space.

It is touch-sensitive and can be operated through finger touch in order to perform certain functions viz. changing the volume, etc.

On the top, it comprises of a microphone and indicative lights that are subtle and soothing in appearance. Looking towards its backside there is a mute button, a power port, and a power indicator light. The interesting part of it is the option to change the colors of the base of the device’s body which is removable.

It’s Functioning:

In order to get going, one needs to download the Google Home Application, thereafter which and the application setup searches for the nearest Google Home Device in order to create a connection.

After getting connected it will play a Test Sound and once you speak, it will then ask you about the location where exactly the device will be placed viz. Kitchen, Dining Room, Hallway, Back Entry Yard, Garage, Office, Basement, etc. Once this is done it will give a list of several options of connecting the applications from the phone to the Google Home device.

Salient Features:

a) Set Alarm.

b) Play music.

c) Play games

d) Ask questions and find answers

e) Check out the Trending News

f) Have fun/Entertain yourself

g) Manage your Shopping List

h) Turn the Lights off and on, etc.

Device Classification under which the Google Home functions on:

a) Lighting Product/Device.

b) Fixtures.

c) Electronic Appliances.

c) Security systems.

d) Temperature controlling Units and Thermostats.

e) Entertainment based System(s).

f) The computer-related accessories viz. printers and routers, etc.    

Google Home has shown its astounding presence on various categories of Google Home Devices which we will be highlighting today.

You will get to know in and out all the devices under one roof without taxing yourself to hunt for information on multiple platforms. This will not only sort your life out but will also help you in making a choice if considering to buy one.

The Best 23 Google Assistant and Google Home Compatible Devices Latest List

Here is an exhaustive list of those 23 Shining Stars which count in the bracket of Google Home Compatible Devices / Products enlisted specifically for the Year 2021:-

1) Google Chromecast (3rd Generation) :


It is a device that works as a transmitter creating a connection between a streaming video provider and the television. One can access Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Good Play store, etc through it as the content gets broadcasted to the Chromecast thereby displaying it on the television. Chromecast can be plugged into the television’s HDMI port driven by a USB cable. We can operate it with the help of a smartphone or computer which acts as good as a remote control.


a) Dimensions & Weight: 2.04 in L • 2.04 in H.

b) Color: Chalk • Charcoal

c) Resolution: Upto 1080p 60fps (Full standard 1080p resolution)

d) Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4GHz/5GHz)

e) Power: 5V, 1A power supply

f) Ports and Connectors: HDMI • Micro-USB (HDMI to plug directly into the Television)

g) Supported Operating Systems: Android • iOS • Mac • Windows

|Pros & Cons|


a) Affordable.

b) Casting feature for personal content.

c) Can mirror mobile device screens and display Chrome tabs.

d) Design wise it is good.

e) Smooth Streaming Experience.

f) Setup and usability are very easy.

g) The Application and User Interface is well designed.


a) No remote control.

b) Non-accessibility of Amazon Instant Video.

c) Maximum resolution is 1080p.

d) Fewer options for Games.    

What does it contain?

a) Chromecast.

b) Power cable.

c) Power adapter.

2) Nest Thermostat:


It is a device which is called by its second name as “Nest Learning Thermostat“. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat that aids in controlling the heating and cooling process at home, workplace, etc. It proves to be an edge over the traditional thermostat, as the Nest Thermostat has the capability of gauging the daily routine and thereby optimizes the temperature so as to save energy. This backs in saving your precious money without getting heavy on the pocket.


a) Dimensions & Weight: Width 3.2 in, Depth 1.1 in • Height 3.2 in • Weight 4.9 oz

b) Color: White

c) Display Type: LCD • Diagonal Size 1.76 in • Diagonal Size (metric) 4.5 cm

d) Networking: Connectivity Technology: Wireless • Data Link Protocol Bluetooth 4.0 LE, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n • Wireless Protocol 802.11b/g/n, 802.15.4, Bluetooth 4.0 LE

e) Power:

f) Ports and Connectors:

g) Supported Operating Systems:

|Pros & Cons|


  • Observe and grasp the family habits and schedules to adjust the temperature automatically.
  • It Calculates and displays the time which will be required to reach the desired temperature.
  • It turns on much earlier in order to reach the desired temperature at the scheduled time.
  • In order to save energy costs, it possesses sensors to check if someone is at home or not. In case there is no one it adjusts accordingly.
  • The application allows you to remotely monitor and control the thermostat.
  • It is effortless and quick to install.
  • It is compatible with home automation products that include Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • It flaunts its large screen with a slim body profile.
  • One can avail of Rebate offers on it through a few energy companies.
  • Its advanced learning algorithms and energy-efficient features make it convenient in usage and it can save the expenditure on heating and cooling costs.


  • It does not function with all HVAC systems.
  • It does not possess remote sensors.
  • It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.
  • What does it contain-
  • Mounting Kit.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion Battery.

3) Nest Hello:


Nest Hello is not just a well designed and attractive looking doorbell but also packaged with some alluring features that make it prove to be an edge. Such features include an ultra-sharp 1080p Camera with distinctive elements viz. Facial recognition, Time-Lapse recording, paired with customized activity zones that adds the cherry on the cake when it comes to usability at home.


a) Dimensions & Weight: Width 1.7 in, Depth 1 in • Height 4.6 in • Weight 4.29 oz

b) Color: Black

c) Maximum Digital Video Resolution: 1600 x 1200

d) Networking: Connectivity Technology: Wireless • Data Link Protocol Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n • Wireless Protocol 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 802.15.4, Bluetooth • Frequency Band 2.4 Ghz, 5 GHz

e) Power:

f) Ports and Connectors:

g) Supported Operating Systems:

h) Optical Sensors: Sensor Size 1/3″ • Sensor Size (metric) 8.5 mm (1/3″)

Striking Features-

a) 160° field of view.

b) Two way Voice communication.

c) High Dynamic Range (HDR).

|Pros & Cons|


  • It possesses a Sharp 1080p HD HDR video quality resolution.
  • The Facial recognition features registers the identity of family and friends.
  • It can also be integrated with Google Home.
  • It has got a Motion and Sound detection feature.
  • Establishes a two-way communication.
  • It has got the Infrared night vision mode.


  • It is not compatible with Alexa.
  • Complicated hard-wiring

What does it contain-

a) 15° wedge.

b) Chime connector.

c) Masonry drill bit.

d) Mounting Kit.

e) Release Tool.

f) Wall plate.

g) Window Decal.

4) Philips Hue Starter Lights:


You have to see your every day passing through different light tones which happen by nature’s decision however have you ever longed for something like this to work on your own wish? We are sure that at least once you must have thought through this, and to your surprise, we have got something like this to please your senses.

Like a human, this device can understand your mood tone and switch the lighting accordingly. That means it adjusts itself from the different tone levels that kick starts from Sunrise, Energize, Concentrate, Read, Sunset, Relax. Could you have asked for more! where the light is designed in such a manner that it creates a suitable ambiance without hurting your precious eyes.


a) Dimensions & Weight: Diameter 3.9 in, Height 1 in • Component Wireless Bridge

b) Dimmer: Yes

c) Total Wattage Equivalent: 150 W

d) Light Bulb Type: LED

e) Shape: A19

f) Socket Type: E26, E26/E27

g) Wattage: 9 Watt, 8.5 Watt

h) Wattage Equivalent: 50 Watt

i) Color of Illumination: 16

j) Color Temperature: 2000-4000 K

k) Luminous Power: 600 ANSI lumens

l) Beam Angle: 160 degrees

m) Starting Time: 0 seconds

n) Lifetime: 15000 hour(s), 25000 hour(s)

Striking Features-

a) Android & iOS are compatible.

Total Wattage 27 W, 25.5 W.

b) ZigBee Technology.

c) Up-gradable Firmware.

|Pros & Cons|


  • It is very adjustable when it comes to usage as it functions on almost all the smart home systems/devices namely: Google Home, Nest, Alexa, Smart Things, etc.
  • The varied range of Light Mood Tone sets it apart from the other competitor brands available in the market.
  • c) It proffers the buyer to choose between two to four dimmable white bulbs along with a hub.


  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • Requires Bridge.

What does it contain-

a) Wireless Bridge.

b) Network Cable.

c) Power Adapter.

5) Kasa Smart Bulb:

Photo :


It is the perfect match for people who had been looking for technology-driven devices at their disposal with customization and ease. The Kasa Smart Bulb is the next level of lighting that can gel well flawlessly as per its user.

It commits not to compromise its quality and takes gentle care of our eyes while giving the best experience at the same time. This soft white light earns an extra brownie owing to its compatibility with IFTTT, which means that the lights can be automated in a specific manner in alignment with the home setup and requirement.


a) Remote Access: You can control electronics from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone.

b) Away Mode: It has an Away mode which studies your presence/absence from home and adjusts accordingly.

c) Connectivity: Can be Paired with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

d) Easy Usability: You now don’t need to tax yourself and can enjoy the remote operation of your devices right from the comfort of your bedroom or relaxing space.

e) Switch on/off as per requirement.

f) Soothe the eyes & perfect fit for the mood: You can the dim brightness in order to customize the lighting and suit your mood.

g) Scheduling: You can set schedules to have your lights work in your daily life as per your instructions and ease.

h) Power Saver: 800lm LED reduces energy use by up to 80%.

i) Maintains Quality: The increase in brightness or quality loss compared to the 60W incandescent bulb.

j) Setup: There is no rocket science in the setup and remote control which is possible through the Kasa App.

k) Usability: You can use it with all the types of lamps having an E26 bulb base.

l) Scene Creation Liberty: You can control lights individually or in a group(s) by creating lighting scenes.

Striking Features-

a) It is Dimmable.

b) Can be controlled from anywhere.

c) There is no requirement to set up an extra hub or equipment to establish it, as it simply connects through WiFi network.

d) It has got the Voice Controlling system under which you can control Kasa Smart dimmable LED light bulb with the help of either Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.

e) You can create a combination of all the lights with other Kasa Smart devices in a Scene form and then control them through a single button.

f) You can stay rest assured of stepping into an always well-lit house.

|Pros & Cons|


  • Easy Setup.
  • Gives a cooling effect.
  • Robust Ecosystem.
  • Relatively cheaper than other competitor brands.


  • No Cons as such.

What does it contain-

a) Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb.

b) Quick Start Guide.

6) Best Google Home-compatible smart bulb:

Here is a list of 8 Google Home Compatible Smart Bulbs :

I) Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Bulb Starter Kit (Hub and 4 bulbs)-

  • Hands-free Control.
  • Uses Voice Command control to turn the lights off and on.
  • Adjust Dimming, Set/Change colors, and set the timer.

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

II) LIFX Color 1100

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • It doesn’t require a Bridge rather connects directly via Wi-Fi.
  • Uses Voice Command control for powering off and on the lights while also changing the color and brightness levels.
  • The light is directed mostly at the top region with 1100 Lumens.

III) Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • It doesn’t require a separate smart Home Hub.
  • The installation is a bit cumbersome and requires technical know-how.
  • The exhaustive features it possesses make it outsmart viz. Sleep Timer, Night Mode, Automating Lights at different time zones of the day, etc.
  • Requires 3 or 4-way Circuit installation and a neutral wire.

IV) Noon Lighting System Starter Kit

  • A little on the expensive side of the price bracket.
  • The OLED Touchscreen controls up to 10 Extension switches besides the one it’s hooked on to.
  • Efficient in creating Lighting Scenes.
  • Its Exclusive aspects include the- Vacation Mode and Trigged Night Light.

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

V) Samsung SmartThings Hub

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • Connectivity Platforms: ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi, giving complete control via a single app.
  • The Hub is compatible with varied Smart Things devices as well as third-party products.
  • The hub doesn’t require a hardwire connection leading towards the Wi-Fi router. It is completely wireless.

VI) Wink Hub 2

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • Connectivity Platforms: ZigBee, Z-Wave Radios, Wi-Fi, and other third-party Smart Home Gadgets.
  • The tech support resolves issues pertaining to Wink Hub 2 on a constant basis.

VII) Leviton Decora DW15P smart plug

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • It can be paired with Google Assistant’s smart speaker.
  • Creates a connection via Wi-Fi on either of the bandwidth- 2.4- or 5GHz frequency band.
  • There is no requirement of a separate smart home hub.
  • It is supportive of appliances present with small motors.

VIII) Currant WiFi Smart Outlet

(Check Latest Price on Amazon)

  • Proffers two independently controllable smart outlets.
  • The Currant Application keeps a track and gives a report on energy consumption that leads to saving on the hefty electricity bills.
  • Its cost is relatively on the higher side.

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7) Lifx Smart LED Bulbs:


Technology has shown its abound-able innovations which have left mankind flabbergasted and the things that seemed to be a distant dream have gradually taken a shape into the real world.

When it comes to electronic devices functionality we had always relied on the sockets to make them work, however, who knew that the wifi technology will take place in a distinctive manner and the bulbs would now work on the Wifi built-in chips.

The Lifx brand has a range of smart bulbs and light strips that can be put into usage for both interior and exterior locations and also enhance the night vision for the security cameras. All you need to do for the setup is just Plugin, Download the App and Connect. 


a) Lifespan: Ranges up to 22 years.

b) Network: Operates on Wi-Fi.

c) Brightness: 1,100 lumens.

d) Wattage Use: 11 Watts (at full brightness), Wattage on Standby: <0.5W.

e) Connectivity: Apple Home kit compatible, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana.

f) LIFX App: iOS 9+, Android 4.1+, Windows 10.

g) Security: WPA, WPA 2.

h) Material/Finish: Pearl white.

i) Packaged Dimensions: 69 x 69 x 140 mm (LxWxH).

Striking Features-

a) Supports a diverse range of Colors.

b) There is no Hub required.

c) It has an easy setup.

d) It illuminates bright white light.

e) It is compatible with diverse brands Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

f) Dusk and Day Automation.

|Pros & Cons|


  • The blub’s WiFi is much more stable and responsive with no more random disconnects.
  • The user has a vivid range to control over 16 million colors.


  • The application is a cluttered one.
  • The relatively higher price range for standalone bulbs.
  • Should be avoided from getting the bulb in touch with water as it will harm it.

8) Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Bulb:


When it comes to shopping home furnishing/accessories we are left bewildered with the variety and “N” number of brands available in the market. Then we look upon generally the price point but are also fascinated to see what the new or the other unknown brands have to offer.

However, it is quite a difficult pick as one wrong decision can be regretful on the amount of precious money spent on it. In such cases, it will always good to see the perspective of how it has been reviewed overall and examining which downsides are not that significant and can still earn us a win-win situation.

In this context, Xiaomi Yeelight had been standing with head held high giving strong competition to popular brands such as Philips, Aurora, etc. 


a) Voice Control: It works with the following voice control platforms- Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot/Tap) and Google Assistant.

b) Energy Saving: It is widely used in order to reduce the power usage of up to 80%. Also, it can put into use for home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, museum, restaurants, bar, cafe, cocktail party, birthday party, etc.

c) Life Span: 25,000 hours, thereby reducing the frequency of re-lamp. This is equivalent to life up to 22.8 years.

d) Wide Assortment of Multicolor LED Bulbs: It proffers 16 million color choices in one Yeelight Smart RGB LED Bulb.

e) Full Control whether you are at Home or Away: It gives remote control access through the iOS and Android application irrespective of the location.

f) Brightness: 800 lumens.

g) Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches.

h) Colour: White.

i) Wattage: 10 watts.

Striking Features-

a) Support of third-party plugins besides the generic connecting platforms.

b) These bulbs don’t require a hub base rather connect on home Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to install and use.

c) It has a wide colour temperature range of 1700k-6500k.

d) Voice Control Lighting feature.

e) Xiaomi Yeelight helps to save energy without compromising on the quality or brightness levels. 

|Pros & Cons|


  • Offer flexibility with the provision of both White and White light.
  • It is operational through various connectivity apps and also supports third-party plugins.
  • Affordable.


  • This point is not of very high significance however as a user it is good to note everything. So, relating to this specific mention there is a 0.5-0.7 second delay in the light illumination as compared to the normal LED bulbs.
  • These bulbs are not able to breathe properly in dark and dingy places/small closed spaces, so they get relatively hotter than the usual bulbs.
  • When considering the price point it is relatively heavy on the pocket than the other brands with the same category of bulbs. So, if you are planning to have a large setup using these then budget might be an obstacle.

9) Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor:

Photo : google


Days gone by we used to have large families/considerable family members however with the changing times the family size has reduced. In this scenario, security turns out to be of paramount importance. Along with this seeps in the chances of burglary/robbery, kidnapping, and various other malicious activities.

This cam buddy will act as a real-time guard tracking the people who come across our home. The Nest Cam IQ works similar to the IQ Outdoor with the attribute to zoom in and keeps an automatic check on the people by following around with its Supersight feature. It is as good as having a personal AI security guard on-point.


a) Camera Resolution: It has a 1/2.5-inch  • 8-megapixel (4K) colour sensor • 1080p  • 30 frames/sec  • H.264 encoding with HDR

b) Average Data Usage per month: 400GB if it is used all the time and might vary still on the duration its being on.

c) Speed Requirement: 4Mbps in order to view 1080p footage.

d) Dimensions & Weight: Width 2.9 in • Depth 2.9 in • Height 4.9 in • Weight 12.59 oz

e) Color: Black/White.

f) It has Infrared LEDs.

g) Day and Night Functionality.

h) High Dynamic Range (HDR) • Auto Tracking • Built-In antenna • infrared cut filter.

i) Network Interface: Bluetooth LE • IEEE 802.11a • IEEE 802.11ac • IEEE 802.11b • IEEE 802.11g • IEEE 802.11n

j) Wi-Fi: Yes.

k) Network Protocols: SSL • TLS.

l) Cable Details: Type USB cable • Length 10 ft.

m) Intelligent Assistant Compatible: Alexa • Google Assistant.

n) Internet of Things (IoT) Compatible.

o) Nominal Voltage AC 120/230 V • Frequency Required 50/60 Hz.

p) Environmental Parameters: Min Operating Temperature 32 °F • Max Operating Temperature 104 °F

Striking Features-

a) It is counted to be seven times more powerful than the non-IQ Nest Cam.

b) It is comprised of three microphones with the feature of echo suppression and noise cancellation. This makes it distinctive along with the free subscription of High Definition talk and listens to features.

c) It possesses a 12x digital zoom and enhance with close-up tracking view and a 130-degree diagonal viewing angle.

d) It has built-in Google Assistant which makes it outsmart its standard features.

|Pros & Cons|


  • You can expect High/Best Video quality.
  • It is not limited to platforms through which it can function, which means it can operate on various other smart home hubs and IFTTT platform as well.
  • Abounding automation.
  • Nest ecosystem Integration.
  • Close Up tracking (HDR).
  • Two Way Audio (HDR).


  • It is considerably bulky.
  • There is no battery option.
  • If one wishes to add extra features then need to spend an extra penny to get it.

What does it contain-

a) The accessories include a stand.

10) Nest Cam IQ Outdoor :

[Image : Google]


When it comes to security, it is imperative to note that every camera has the capability to record videos almost flawlessly in the day time however it’s real test comes when the sun goes down and it gets really dark.

The security point of view becomes all the more serious at this time and if you need a good camera that can effortlessly still present high resolution non-hazy/grained footage then you can count on the Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. This Cam IQ doesn’t boast just based on one feature but is comprised of several other worth mentioning aspects that surely deserves a drumroll.


a) Night Vision: Color.

b) Field of View: 130-degree Diagonal.

c) Operating Temperature: –40°F to 113°F

d) Sensor: 8 megapixels.

e) Resolution: 1080p • 30 frames per second.

f) Night vision: 850nm LEDs.

g) Audio: Two-way audio • Three Microphone Array.

h) Size: 5 x 3.7 x3.7 in.

i) Weight: 20 oz.

j) Cable Length: 25 ft.

k) Operating temperature: Ranges from -40° to 113°F

l) Bandwidth Requirement: 2 Mbps so as to Stream 1080p.

m) Smart Platform Integration.

n) Facial Recognition.

Striking Features-

a) With the Person Detection capability, it can distinguish between people and objects makes the Nest Cam IQ a smart device where it also sends specific alerts if a person approaches your home.

b) In case the Nest Aware is being added to the Nest Cam IQ, it remembers faces and can spot specific people with its facial recognition attribute. Especially people who drop in often.

c) Sturdy design per say and presence of good speakers makes it stand out.

d) Weather Proof: It has a spectacular IP rating of 66.

e) Deliveries Supersight video.

f) Outstanding Night Vision: The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor has the capacity to gauge and see up to 50 feet away in the darkest locations at night.

g) Sleek and Minimalist.

h) Can withstand powerful water splashes.

i) The cable length is pretty decent.

|Pros & Cons|


  • The installation and setup are said to be uncomplicated and swift.
  • The attribute of Night vision caters to good visibility in the dark.
  • The Live video feed shows a clear picture.
  • The feature of Two Way audio is quite clear.
  • The Application Interface has is intuitive.
  • Handy high-end features.
  • Dodges the chances of unnecessary notifications.


  • In order to access the additional features, one needs to possess Nest Aware.
  • The presence of a power cord might limit location options.
  • One of the most expensive cloud storage in comparison to the other security cameras.
  • No provision of Local storage.
  • High Pricing.

What does it contain-

a) Cable.

11) August’s Smart Lock:


Are you a person who tends to forget things often or lazy enough to reach out to the door when someone comes or you by mistake leave the door open? Well, then this Smart Lock understands you and can work on your behalf.

No, we aren’t cracking a joke rather introducing to you August Smart Lock which can be operated through from your phone. You can easily Lock and unlock your door from any location and can grant secure digital keys to guests/close relatives/family members where the lock is attached to your existing deadbolt, on the inside of your door so you can still use your keys.


a) Voice Control: Alexa and Google Home.

b) Bluetooth Local Access.

c) Dimensions: 1.6 x 2.6 x 4.8 in.

d) Weight: 13.9 oz.

e) Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F.

f) Power Source: AA batteries.

Striking Features-

a) It automatically unlocks when you arrive and locks when you leave.

b) It can be accessed using your voice with the help of Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant.

c) Two Factor Authentication.

d) Two Layer Encryption.

e) Lost Phone feature.

f) You can have access to Unlimited Digital Keys based on the duration as per your wish viz. for a few hours, weeks, etc.

|Pros & Cons|


  • Includes Door Sense Sensor.
  • Gives a modern designed look.
  • Remote Access.
  • Voice command capability with a Connect via Wi-Fi bridge.
  • Easy installation on the existing deadbolt.
  • Substantial third-party support.


  • Its battery life lasts up to three months which might be short for some owners.
  • Price bracket on the higher side. However, the base models are in the affordable bracket.
  • Limited first-party hardware.
  • The Wi-Fi Bridge is required to get a complete set of features.

What does it contain-

a) AA Batteries included.

12) Belkin WeMo devices:


Making a checklist of the features and specifications becomes a tedious task when there are similarities in various brands and some unknown specs too however to make our choices easier we are here to unfold the unknown facts.

The brand under discussion caters to a varied range of products which includes Home Kit compatible 3 Way Light Switch, Insight Smart Plug, Dimmers, Motion Sensor, and other already present light Switches which connect via HomeKit setups through the Wemo Smart Bridge.

Out of the entire product chain, it is always good to consider the major points viz. Connectivity, Price, Shelf Life, etc. So with WeMo, you can control the functionality of appliances, lights, and power outlets, etc through the application.


a) Connectivity Platforms: Nest, IFTTT, Wink, Apple HomeKit, Philips Hue, Lutron, Samsung Smart Things, Google Home / Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, etc.   

b) Remote Control Accessibility.

c) Handsfree Control through Voice Control.

d) Requisites- Wi-Fi router and Neutral wire.

e) It works with the existing Single/Double/Multi-Switch rocker style plates.

f) The functioning varies from product to product depending on the specifications, however, in general perspective, it works on Android 4.4 or higher and on iOS 9 or higher.

g) It is not designed to work with metal face plates.

h) It pairs up with Nest for an automatic home away control.

Striking Features-

a) Powerful and flexible.

b) It has timing and scheduling options.

c) Extensive connectivity through voice controlling options.

d) Smart control methods.

e) Easy to monitor the power level of the device.

f) One of the most amazing features that top the rest is setting alerts to ensure that the device doesn’t remain switched on for too long to avoid its damage and accidents. Eg: Electric Heater kept on for too long, etc.

g) Turn On and Off the devices while being away or at home.

|Pros & Cons|


  • It is one of the most user-friendly and manageable connected home gadgets range that one can spend money on.
  • Reasonable with the kind of features and specifications it offers.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Compact Sized.


  • The constant firmware updates hamper the functionalities of the switch control as it doesn’t work while the updates get downloaded.    
  • Physically size creates issues.

What does it contain-

Depends on the product being purchased.

13) Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat:


Did you just come home after having a rough day while sweating out like a pig? At this point just wondering if you could comfort your dead tiredness with something offering you temperature suitable as per your room.

Well, Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat gives you this with its magical features through free mobile application remote access right from the comforts of your occupied space. It gives you a peace of mind with its 3 Year (Limited) warranty, so you can stay rest assured to get in touch with the brand in case of any issues/grievances.   


a) Connectivity: works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Wink Smart Home platforms.

b) A common wire (C-Wire) is required for all system types.

c) System requirements: For Mobile Application: iOS – 10.0 or above • Android – 4.2 or above (5.0 or greater in order to use the Geofencing feature).

d) Display: HD Color Screen • 4.3″ Full-colour LCD display.

e) Control: Touchscreen.

f) Indoor Humidity Sensor.

g) Geofencing: Detects the mobile’s location in order to adjust the temperature accordingly.   

h) Schedule: Flexible 7 Day scheduling.

i) Remote and Multi Thermostat control.

j) Temperature:

* Display Temperature Range: 32 Degree to 99 Degree F (0 Degree to 37 Degree C)

* Setpoint Temperature Range: 50 Degree to 99 Degree F (10 Degree to 37 Degree C)

k) Auto Changeover: It automatically switches from hot to cold temperature and vice versa as per the requirement to comfort its users. Also, changes the color with its Color Shift feature in order to signify the cooling or heating effects on the display.

Striking Features-

a) It helps in curtailing the energy expenses through Geofencing, Scheduling, and Remote access.

b) You can comfortably control at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

c) It assists the customer with a DIY installation process.

d) It saves up to 23% on the HVAC energy usage.

e) Protects AC.

f) Back glow.

g) Gives weather updates/reports.

h) Keypad Lockout: To avoid any unwanted changes it locks down the perfect settings of the thermostat.

|Pros & Cons|


  • It mostly installs in the duration of 30 minutes or less.
  • Boundless compatibility.
  • It presents a High Definition touchscreen display along with enhanced features.
  • Prompts smart alerts so as to detect extreme temperature and humidity levels at your home.


  • Lacks features.
  • It doesn’t dissatisfy the customers on a majority basis.

What does it contain-

a) Mounting Hardware.

b) Jumper Wire.

c) Wire Labels.

d) Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat.

e) Installation Guide.

f) Welcome Guide.

d) Warranty Booklet.

14) Leviton Decora DW15P smart plug:


Do you remember snapping the fingers in childhood while playing games as if that will turn things true you wished it to be? Now that we have reminded you of those golden memories, you will be left surprised if we prove it right to you when it comes to switching on the lights right from your wish zone.

The Leviton Decora DW15P smart plug (a Z-Wave Model) is not less than the wish zone where you can switch on and off the lights from the selected section of your choice. For Example from the house section, you can choose Table Lamp, Office Light, Pendant Light, Floor Fan, Front Porch Lights, etc. Once you tap the “Identify Device” option that button present in the application it will turn Green Indicator light on the LED of the smart plug. It is an integrated lighting system that is designed with an attractive look offering a built-in smart home solution.


a) Operates On: 2.4- and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

b) It spans out with four different Sub-Lines: Wi-Fi, HomeKit, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth.

c) Connectivity Platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and IFTTT.

Striking Features-

a) Works with Nest.

b) It supports devices with larger motors which are up to 0.75 horsepower.

c) The new design allows two plugs per receptacle.

|Pros & Cons|


a) Relatively low priced.

b) Streamlined design.


a) It cannot dim a connected lamp.

b) The Leviton’s control application has still not been full fledgedly made.

c) Lack of intuitiveness and clunky layout.

d) Slow interface.

What does it contain-

a) Bundle Includes:

2 x Leviton DW15P-1BW Decora Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug-In Outlet.

15) Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub:


The approach towards making our homes fully equipped with technology has changed radically. Now we can access the devices remotely along with countless features to enhance the experience. However, the more options we are surrounded by the more mystifying it becomes to make a wise decision.

Considering this we get various connectivity platforms to have access through viz.

Every brand has, therefore, its respective upsides and downsides when it comes to price, range, speed, and power consumption, etc.

The perceived experience seems to be too exciting but we cannot blindfold ourselves to make a pick, so an overall study and observation are imperative to check that which device goes best with what specific smart home product.

It is not an exaggeration to state that smart home products are as good as television remote control which systematically function the home devices as per instruction and prevalent environment pattern.


a) Connectivity Platforms: ClearConnect, Z-wave Plus, Zigbee wireless, Alexa, and Google Assistant. One can wirelessly connect and control a wide gamut of compatible smart devices from more than 40 partner brands that include: Voice Assistants, Lights/Switches, Speakers, Cameras, Sensors, etc.

b) Home Automation: One can customize messages to feed in the hub to greet Good Morning, Goodbye, Goodnight, and any other routines that can automatically switch the devices on or off the entire day.

c) Round the clock Monitoring: Alerts the unexpected activities.

d) DIY Solution: Eases the setup process.

e) Voice Controls: SmartThings and Google Assistant.

f) Requisites: Android 6.0 or higher/iOS 11.0 or higher.

g) Power Source: In-wall power adapter.

h) Range: 50 to 130 feet depending on the area.

i) Operating Temperature: 32 to 104°F.    

Striking Features-

a) The generic hub connects the home network via Wi-Fi however Samsung offers a higher-end model where the SmartThings Wifi combines the router and hub.

b) It acts like a mesh network that eliminates the wireless-free zones in the house.

|Pros & Cons|


  • The Wireless Ethernet connectivity is a boon.
  • The new SmartThings application is believed to be relatively more attractive and intuitive.
  • The Industrial Design is said to be striking.
  • One can also set up one or several other devices in order to activate on-demand to create a scene.


  • Backup battery deleted.
  • There is no migration path from the 2nd generation SmartThings Hub.
  • It still does not support some of the major product brands viz. Nest & August.
  • Occasional delays when you try to control a device or when discover a device’s status as incorrect or delayed.

What does it contain-

a) Hub.

b) Power Adapter.

c) QSG.

d) HSG.

e) LAN cable.

16) Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch – HS200 by TP-Link:

[image : tp-link]


Be the master of how you wish the lights, ceiling fans, fixtures, etc. to function through the smart light switch right from the comfort of your location through the use of Kasa Smart application.

Set schedule and away mode to save energy in order to switch off and on as in when required or while being away. All this has been made possible without any hub or extra equipment requirement.


a) Connectivity Platforms: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and IFTTT.

b) Remote Access.

c) Voice Control: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.

d) Full Lighting System.

e) Requisites: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher.

f) Input Voltage: 100 – 120VAC 60Hz (Neutral wire required).

g) Maximum Load: 150W LED • 300W Incandescent.

h) Power Capacity: 15 amp.

i) Volts: 120 Volt..

j) Requirements: Neutral Wire and Single-pole light switch.

k) It works with any WiFi router.

Striking Features-

a) Scheduling and Timer System.

b) Designed to give a sophisticated and elegant look.

c) Streamlined, Intuitive and Easy.

d) The wiring is designed in such a manner that it accommodates less space in the junction box.

|Pros & Cons|


  • Easy Setup.
  • Flawless functioning.
  • Easy Step by Step installation Kasa Smart App guide.
  • Synchronization and setting up the programs is easy and quite intuitive.


  • It does not support Apple HomeKit.
  • The Voluminous wall plate creates a hindrance in alignment and is unpleasant for the sight.
  • There is an option of operating multi-way circuits.

What does it contain-

a) Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch.

b) Face Plate.

c) Quick Start Guide.

d) Wire Nuts.

17) TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug Mini:


Harry Potter had been one of our favorite hero’s who could make everything possible with his magic wand and make everyone happy and astonished around. Now you can also be one! No, we are not making false claims rather bringing to your technology to run your home with just a click away.


a) Connectivity Platforms: Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana.

b) Requisites: it is compatible with Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 9 and higher.

c) It can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

d) Power Support: Up to 15A of power to devices.

Striking Features-

a) Create Scenes: create a combination of all your Kasa smart devices together in a scene.

b) You can pair TP-Link Smart Plug Mini with your Nest Thermostat (if bought separately) in order to create custom scenes that run automatically when you are at Home or Away.

c) Can create Schedules and Set Timers.

d) With the Away from Home, you can turn on your devices on and off with remote access to pretend that you are at home to save your home from theft and Bulgary. So, now secure your home with a well-lit home.

e) The Brand offers Lifetime Service and Industry leading warranty.

f) Diversified platter of features.

g) Eco-Friendly.

|Pros & Cons|


  • Compact and Stylish design.
  • Conserves Energy and Curb’s electricity expenses.
  • No Hub Required.
  • Detect dusk and dawn feature.
  • Keeps outlet free.


  • Doesn’t support Nest, Apple Home Kit, and Sky Link Net.
  • The inability to automatically turn off the switch when it’s switched on for considerable minutes.
  • Ill-Suited for use in an outlet that is placed behind the furniture that hugs the wall.

18) Logitech Harmony Companion Remote:


Be your own king and control several devices with one Remote control. Now you won’t need to tax yourself juggling with various remote controls by replacing your generic remotes with this universal Logitech Harmony Companion remote.

It works along with the presence of a Hub which is a small elegantly designed device that connects near a television set up and connects to two IR mini-blasters that can be placed at a feasible place with a short distance from the hub. The system creates communication with other devices through WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR.


a) Wireless Protocol: WiFi 2.4 GHz • Bluetooth 3.0 • Proprietary RF Communication between the Hub and Remote.

b) Device Limitation: Up to 8 Devices.

c) Channel Limitation: 50 Favourite Channels (Per Mobile device).

d) Software Support: Setup on iOS/Android device OR My Harmony desktop software.

e) Special Buttons: Back, Direction Pad, DVR, OK, 6 Home Control buttons, 4 Color buttons.

f) Battery: Coin Cell Battery CR2032 (Replaceable). Life: 1 Year (Also depends on the usage).

g) Connection Type: Micro USB.

h) Rear Panel: 2x IR mini blaster ports (2.5 mm) • Micro USB (data and power) • Pair/Reset.

Striking Features-

a) Modern and heavily networked lifestyle.

b) To understand the impeccable advance features of Harmony Companion, you would need to put efforts to get knee deep.

|Pros & Cons|


a) Reasonably priced.

b) Soft and Grippy.


a) Doesn’t possess LCD Touchscreen.

b) The Home Control buttons have limitations.

c) Slightly expensive than the other remote controls.

What does it contain-

a) Remote.

b) AC Adapter.

c) USB Cable.

d) User Documentation.

e) Hub.

f) IR Mini Blaster.

g) Battery.

19) ANOVA Precision Cooker NANO :

image :


Do you remember the generic old cookers whistling from some corner and spreading the tantalizing fragrance of the food made in it leaving us mouth watered for a few minutes? Yes, that was the beauty of such an appliance that made its grand entry with a whistle and exited with a memorable aroma.

We used to estimate the food preparation process by the number of whistles it blew or there were also times mom used to keep us on duty to switch off the gas after a certain number of whistles.

However, what if we tell you that now you can be carefree and your cooker has turned all the smarter. Now you can control your mobile! Yes, we aren’t in a mode to joke here as we introduce you to the new world of smart cookers that know their job very well and act as a watchdog at the same time, leaving the process of food preparation smooth and efficient.


a) Connectivity Platforms: Bluetooth and WiFi.

b) Operating System: iOS and Android both (Requires Mobile Application to operate).

c) Temperature Range: 0˚-92˚C (32˚-197˚F)

d) Safety: Bi-Metal Fuse.

e) Flow Rate: Up to 8 Liters.

f) Power Input: 110-120VAC.

g) Weight: 2.5 Pounds (Comparatively lighter than the other models).

h) Pump Speed: 1 – 1.2 GPM 7-8 LPM.

i) Heating Power: 750W.

j) Directional Pump: 360 Degree.

k) Battery Required: 1 Lithium Polymer Battery.

Striking Features-

a) It is enabled with Bluetooth and WiFi.

b) You can expect a precise temperature.

c) The display is easily readable.

d) Intuitive Design.

e) Provides Notification alerts.

f) Offers 1000+ Recipes from its collection.

g) Automatic Safety Cut Off: On surpassing the maximum heat levels or when water gets below the safe level it automatically cuts off the power supply in order to avoid mishappenings/accidents.

h) Low Wattage has a direct connection to the energy-saving and electricity cost reduction. 

i) You can also use Zip Lock Bag to keep the food item inside it in order to cook (Without having air inside the bag).

j) Fits any pot and serves up to 8 persons at a time.

|Pros & Cons|


  • User-Friendly.
  • Powerful outcome.
  • Reasonably Priced.
  • The unit of the detachable clamp is designed small yet sturdy.
  • The food can be left unsupervised for a long tenure without worrying about the house setting itself on fire, with its Safety Cut off feature.
  • Convenient for storage and can be lifted easily owing to its lightweight.
  • Easy to clean and maintain owing to the presence of detachable stainless steel skirt and disks which are dishwasher safe.


  • It takes relatively longer to heat water than the other models.

20) Koogeek Dimmable Smart LED Light Strip:

image :


Whether its an occasion to surprise your loved ones create a party mood, have a romantic treat or elate the kids and many more important milestones of our lives.

Breaking the monotony is essential to freshen up the ambiance with something out of the box and what if we tell you that Koogeek Dimmable Smart LED Light Strip to create exactly what you want? Excited right? Yes build that right mood with everything on your fingertips or just one command and master the scene you wish to create for yourself.


a) Flexible to be turned into desirable forms.

b) Colour Palette: 16 Million Colors where each Color can be dimmed.

c) LED Strip Length: 6.6 Feet i.e. 2m.

d) LED Strip Breath: 0.39 Inches i.e. 10 mm.

Total Length: 8.2 Feet i.e. 2.5m.

e) Connectivity Platforms: Apple Home Kit, Alexa, Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant.

f) Shelf Life: 25000 Hours which is 22.8 Years if used for 3 hours every day.

g) Power: 10 Watt.

Striking Features-

a) Can be personalized as per our mood.

b) Scenes can be created by setting a Timer or asking Siri to do it.

c) The schedule can be set for turning the light on or off.

d) Setup is no rocket science and can be connected with a USB Power Source.

e) No Hub or Bridge is required.

f) Dimmable and Wireless.

|Pros & Cons|


  • You can now set up the Apple TV 4K, Apple TV or an iPad as a home hub to control the HomeKit accessories remotely can be granted access, and the accessories can be automated.
  • Premium Quality.
  • High Brightness and energy saving aspect.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not suited for Android users as its more Apple users oriented.
  • Needs a USB power source.
  • Will need the User Guide in order to find the Apple Home Kit code.

21) Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus:

image :


House is made a home when we retouch it with our sense of warmth with a personal touch and addition of knick-knacks, and those also include electronic lights. Those could be adorned to make the space look cozy, warm, lit up, and fancy.

This is an investment worth every penny as it gives a feel of belongingness and possession of what we feel happy and gay about and releases good hormones in our being.

One of these lights that help us create embellishments for our home is Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus. Trust us that it will sure make your jaw drop and you will go awestruck with the extraordinary experience and look it gives to space. 


a) Connectivity Platforms: Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Kit.

b) Length: 80 Inches Long.

c) Width: 0.6 Inches Wide.

d) Color Palette: 16 Million colors.

e) LED: 1600 lumens.

f) Usage Duration: Up to 20,000 hours.

Striking Features-

a) Can be controlled through voice commands. ( via Google Home)

b) If you require to increase the length of the Light-strip then you can buy a 40-inch extension and add to it. You have the liberty to add up to 8 extension strips that makes 400 Inches i.e. 33 Feet in total length.

c) In order to have a full-fledged Smart Lighting effect, you would need to purchase the Philips Hue Bridge to gather a more impactful experience.

|Pros & Cons|


a) Uncomplicated to use.

b) Connects flawlessly through Wi-Fi.

c) Looks aesthetically great.

d) Very Responsive.

e) Works with a wide range of Ecosystems.

f) Removable.

g) You can get outdoor waterproof strips as well which are referred to as 7 Foot and 16 Foot Model.


a) Pricing is a bit on the higher side.

What does it contain-

a) Lighting Strip Roll.

22) Samsung R7070 Powerbot Robot Vacuum:


Your shoulders are burdened with too many tasks to handle and you are swamped with outside work so much so that you don’t get the right amount of time to focus at your home cleanliness.

Have the spiders made webs covering a wide range of spaces settling down with their extended families? Or the dust has clogged the spaces which give that area a sluggish look? Don’t you panic if all this is a point of worry on your list!

We are here to magnify the possibility to get rid of all such problems with a single smart solution catered by the Samsung Powerbot R7070.

This is not a simple vacuum cleaner but a smart buddy that comes for your rescue every single time you need it to be with you and make you sit back relaxed without frowning even a bit.


a) Modes: Auto, Spot, Manual, Repeat and Point Cleaning.

b) Full View Sensor 2.0 Purpose: Scanning and In-App Mapping.

c) Cleaning Time Setting Options: 30/60/90 Minutes.

d) Connectivity Platforms: It is Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Bixby Voice Assistants.

Striking Features-

a) It possesses the feature of ‘Self-cleaning’ Brush system for PET hair, ideal for hard floors, carpets and has washable filters.

b) Owing to the flat fronted design it’s easy to do Edge cleaning.

c) Cyclone Force design boosts powerful cleaning function to consistently empty the dust tray far more better than the other Bot models.

d) The Point Cleaning Mode allows you to target the dirty area via remote control.

|Pros & Cons|


a) LCD display.

b) Fullview Sensor 2.0


a) Comes with a bit heavy price tag but worth the precious currency.

What does it contain-

a) Vacuum Robot Cleaner.

23) JBL Link 20:


What’s life without Music? Nothing! right? You might not necessarily be a core music lover but if you aren’t even an avid music listener yet the music experience must be certainly be making a huge difference whenever you spare time on it.

The blaring music is not what we are talking about rather creating an atmosphere as if the imaginative lyrics are playing right in front of your eyes. In this context, JBL has always been considered on the top with its exemplary performance and touching the right strings of the heart.

Let’s discuss in detail how JBL Link 20 can make all that difference in the listening experience.


a) Music Playing Time: 10 (In Hours).

b) Battery Capacity: 6,000 mAh.

c) Charging Duration: 4.5 Hours.

d) Connectivity Platform: Bluetooth Version 4.2

e) Operating System Support: iOS and Android.

f) 24 bit/96kHz high-quality sound powered by Cloud.

g) IPX7 build.

h) Colour: Black.

i) Weight: 2.09 Pounds.

j) Operates At: 24-bit/96kHz sound.

Striking Features-

a) Handsfree Voice Control, Googe Home

b) Built-In Chromecast.

c) Waterproof/Water Resistant: It can withstand after being immersed in up to the water level of 1 meter for about half an hour.

d) Multi-Room Support.

e) Automatic Power off.

f) Wireless Bluetooth High-Quality streaming.

g) Balanced sound system with good clarity and negligible laid back bass responsiveness.

|Pros & Cons|


  • Google Assistant at your service for help and support.
  • Simplistic setup.
  • Portable and can easily be carried along at the pool and beach without any hassle.
  • User-friendly.
  • Durable Built-in Battery.
  • Good Battery life.
  • It has the ability to group with other Google Home Speakers together.
  • Very well designed.
  • Considering the price point it is pretty decent and worth a buy however if you are seeking a high-end perspective for much higher sound quality and experience then this should surely not be your bet.


  • Charges via micro USB.
  • The Bass extension could have been a bit deeper.
  • Google Assistant is unresponsive and not functional when the speakers are connected through the Internet so when you have to take the speakers at an exterior location you would need to connect it with Bluetooth. 
  • The sound quality is not at an audiophile level.

What does it contain-

a) JBL Link 20 Speaker.

b) 1 USB Cable.

c) USB Adapter.

d) Built-in Battery.

—— List Ends Here —–

How Google Home is Changing Our Daily Lives?

The time when we were kids everything was operated manually and took relatively more time as per the activity. However, stepping right onto this context of discussion its worthy to state that our lives have turned more comfortable, quick turn around time-based outcomes, secure, entertaining, hassle-free, enjoyable, etc.

Where did we get all this from? Yes, Google has been a boon to the humans who started off their simple journey on a dot come email service to messenger, entertainment platform viz YouTube, etc. Google pushed its limits to leave the preconceived notions behind offering something marvelous and beyond imagination.

This might mean serving ahead of its time technology but also comforting to save on precious time, money, and energy/efforts. Why waste time on chores that can be accomplished in half of its time and you can dedicate that time to your family or loved ones and that quality space for yourself.

Its surely thought-provoking that how simple yet powerful functions like turning the lights on and off via voice control could now create scenes pairing with other devices, it can now secure your home even when you are away from home, it can now beautify the space for a prolonged time based on your mood, etc.

Who knew that cooking can be made far easier with the smart cookers which possess pre-installed application and collection of recipes and auto cut off feature to control the right temperature and preventing accidents.

It’s time to merely trust the locks and move on to password attached locks and security cameras that are much more intuitive and intelligent than human guards, as they function without dying out except when there is no power supply and they run out of storage or battery.

The list is long and there are unending brands and their creations that have made house turn into beautiful, smart, and secure homes that can be trusted and worth every penny.

What else could you have expected or treat yourself with? Go and ease up your worries, look into the mirror and you would find a person who definitely is not just tempted with the wholesome list of devices but also finds it a need-based point to live a well managed and organized life.

We don’t deny the fact that only Google is the mere player in the market rather we admit that there are other brands standing neck to neck to give a tough competition.

Nevertheless, if we study keenly the deep down facts and features attached to each of the devices under consideration, the choice can be made wiser considering the overall review, price structure, durability, the brand’s goodwill, and physical research after zeroing down to some shortlisted ones make the best decision.

Features of Google Home Device:

1) It stands out with it much more Smarter Smart Displays. It is said that a new Interactive Canvas kit will now create a combination of voice and touch control in order to permit developers to create more interactive experiences for smart displays.

2) It provides Local Home Control.

3) The most fascinating feature is its faster Setup.

4) You can now control many more things/activities.

5) By now the Google Assistant is present in more devices.

6) Designed elegantly.

7) Suffices the need to execute daily chores, entertain, secure and answer relevant queries.

Why is it a Perfect Fit for all?

1) User-Friendly.

2) Hands-Free access.

3) No need to have a browser screen in front of you to search for something.

4) Always stay connected with your dear ones.

5) Create a helping hand for your family members.

6) Create your memories and important dates.

7) Have access to a plethora of Information & Entertainment Platforms.

8) Offers a Diverse Range of products.


Nothing is perfect and everything has its ups and downs. However, it is always a fact that after struggling so long we well deserve the comfort in our lives for not just self-satisfaction but to see the family happy around too. Owing to the stiff competition every brand putting in efforts to outshine its competitors which stands true in the case of Amazon, Apple, and various other smart home-based devices.

We are in high hopes that the trail of product range mentioned in this article which is written in a holistic approach will give you all the pertinent information about each product covering all the aspects that you consider while making important purchasing decisions then be it for commercial or residential purposes.

You can stay rest assured that you will get everything under one roof without giving anything a miss to the latest wireless technological/model specific up-gradations. Makes sense right? then why hunt on ten different websites making a mess out of the information and getting perplexed to the core. This docket is penned down after spending hours/weeks researching, seeking information from reliable resources to present valuable, correct, and detailed information.

Stay with us for more such Articles that will prove to be your knight in the shining Armour as in when required in context to the country we are referring to. The final decision rests with you as to each it is own based on the Budget and Requirement and no brand can overpower and be stated as superior or inferior.

Affiliate disclosure: This article contains amazon affiliate links You will not be charged anything extra for your purchases by using my amazon affiliate links. We may earn a little commission. it will support us to maintain the website expenses.

WG Staff

WG Staff at is a team of tech enthusiasts, technology geeks. We writes about wireless technology guides and wireless products by spending immense amount of hours & research to serve you the best articles.

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